Choose Kungfu, Choose Green

Have you noticed how much waste we produce per year per person in Canada? According to the World Bank (2018), Canada produces 25 million tonnes of waste per year, or 0.56 tonnes per person. Most of waste are plastic and only 21% are recyclable. Since March, 2018, Kungfu Bistro has changed 90% of polyform containers to plastic container for all take-out orders.As part of the community, we no longer only provide unique fusion cuisine, but also concept of recyclable and environmental friendly.


It’s been 5 years we have used form containers, which is not degradable. After marketing researched and negotiated, Mr. Tony Chen (one of the owners of Kungfu) has decided to purchase the higher price, but 100% recyclable plastic containers. This is a long-term investment for our restaurant, as well as our environment. These new containers are stylish with different designs and colours. They are also 100% microwavable and washable. So why would you need a new lunch box for school or work? Order Kungfu and reuse them!


We are also super grateful that we have a heartwarming community and staff to support our circular economy. Kungfu grocery shopping happens every second day (or more frequent during busy season), and our staff always ask for cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags for carrying.  These cardboard boxes from grocery stores will be reused for packaging our take-out orders. Some boxes also come from beer boxes, or cardboard boxes for kitchen supplies. We reuse, recycle, repair and reuse! Creating a circular economy with the community is our daily task.  If you are receiving a big cardboard box of food today, please reuse it, or you can return to us for packaging another huge order to the next customer!


There is always room for us to improve our green concept in the restaurant. Paper straws are considered to be used for dine-in, and amount of plastic bags using will be minimized. In the meantime, your action will also could be our biggest support! We highly recommend bringing your own take-out container (or reuse our recyclable container) for dine-in leftover dishes. This will be a long time revolution, but we are not stop looking for a better way for Kungfu, as well as our environment.