Magic Wand at Kungfu

March 30, 2019

Dinner at the snap of your fingers, delicious smells with just a “ta-da! Have you ever thought that chefs are magical? This is my experience at Kungfu as a customer as well as a server, endless unique and unforgettable tastes. By discovering this magical world, I found the invisible magic wand of a chef is made through time, attention to detail and magical energy.

What is our Kungfu example of the use of the magical cooking wand? The answer is simple, SOUP. How could a soup be prepared rapidly, with no MSG and real chicken broth with a varied of options? During our kitchen preparation, a 60 quart stock pot of chicken broth is made at least 3 times a week. Each pot of soup is slow cooked for 3 hours in order to let all nutrients and vitamins release from the bones. Ginger, the healthiest and most delicious spice is also added to the broth. After 3 hours, this stock pot full of soup is carried by two of the strongest chefs from the stove to the counter for cooling down. The process is continued by separating chicken fat, filtering chicken bones, and finally the healthy magical chicken broth is done. Is the soup ready to serve? Our yummy soups need a few more ingredients before they are finished. For example, our coconut curry sauce is slow cooked for 30 minutes with hints of lemongrass for flavor, pieces of chicken prepared earlier by our chefs. Since allergies or tolerances are a rising trend and affecting more customers, all ingredients used are gluten and dairy free.  A soup is as simple as a mathematical equation. Healthy homemade broth + curry + chicken = coconut curry soup. Let’s not forget there is also a special touch of creativity and passion from our chefs.

Kungfu sets a goal of providing healthy cuisine options to the communities. Magic wand is supporting prompt and quality service. Look through the window, our soup will enchant you with the swirl of the magic wand, ready, set and go!