DineIN Menu

When you Dine In, enjoy Kungfu’s black leather seats, warm mahogany floors, and the martial arts that adorn the walls.  Prepare to be greeted by images of Jackie Chan, Kung Fu Panda, and Bruce Lee!  Sizzling Hot Plates, Hot Pots and Dumplings swimming in pork maple reduction sauce are some of the dishes that await you.


Please note that some dining dishes are prepared differently than similar take out dishes.  For example, when dining in Kungfu’s special fried rice is wrapped in a lotus leaf and served steamed.  This is not the format when taking out where fried rice is placed in foam takeout containers.  Many of the Thai stir fried dishes are served in a cast iron skillet, sizzling hot to the table.   We take dining-in to a higher level, with extra preparation and presentation.

What happens when you put Kungfu and fusion together?

The Kungfusion begins here…reserve your table tonight!

Chef’s Recommendations:

*Dumplings      *The Bruce Lee Roll   *Thai Golden Chicken   *Mongolian Hot & Sour Soup  * Chicken or Shrimp Harmony

*Salt & Pepper Shrimps     *Wok-Charred Black Pepper Beef     *Open ended Egg Rolls   *Zen Rolls


NOTE:  We are always tweaking our Dining Menu and currently do not have an electronic copy to share with you.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.  Prices will vary between take-out and dining in.