What Does Kung Fu Have to Do With Food?




Are you Kungfused yet? Why have all of the ‘Kungfu’ themed food items? Read on…


In recent years, Hollywood has brought to the forefront many martial arts movies depicting the skills and the arts of Kung Fu. ‘Kung Fu’ can also be used in contexts completely unrelated  to martial arts, and can refer to any skill, technique, or accomplishment derived from long and hard work.


Our Kungfu is the 25+ years of experience from our Chef Tony Chen, of the culinary world of Edmonton, Alberta. Crisp vegetables, healthy cuisine and fresh fusion tastes come from the power of his <pow wok>. It is the traditional style of cooking at high temperatures, where the food is tossed in quick & rapid sessions. With the Kungfu of great food & friendly service, we hope to show you a dining experience unlike any other.


What’s your Kungfu?