Now Endangered: Almonds?




News Flash!  California is known to produce 82% of the all the almonds in the world.


Almonds have a high thirst for water which puts them in an impossible situation given the drought condition in California.  It has been calculated that to produce a single almond it takes a gallon of water.  Crazy!  And according to a recent invoice from our suppliers, the price of our almonds have jumped 300%.


So, long story short – we will no longer add almonds to our “Almond Gai Ding” dish (a fresh stir fry with diced white chicken breast and vegetables) unless you request it (and expect a tiny portion).  It is now called simply “Gai Ding” (now without the almonds).  This will also affect combination plates that have this item (#145, #146). Because the only nut we carry at the restaurant are almonds, at this rate, we may phase out ALL nuts from our premises!


Fortunately for our staff, there are no new restrictions on nutty personalities (yet).