Kungfu Bistro


Family Day (Feb. 19) 3pm – 9pm

please note that online order and delivery will be closed for stat. holidays. Call us and we’d love to take your order over the phone.



NOTE: The Ontario Government has passed legislation to increase Ontario’s general minimum wage from $11.60/hr to $14/hr on January 1, 2018 – that’s an increase of $2.40/hr.  This will impact Delivery Fees, which will go from $1 to $3.50 for Stittsville deliveries.  Our drivers are paid full wages and part of the Delivery fee is shared with the drivers to cover gas/vehicle expenses.  We are unfortunately not able to deliver outside of Stittsville (such as the Carp area or Taggert area) due to the time it’ll take to deliver.  Wage increase also impacts food costs: the transportation of food, handling and all areas of running a business.  We will gradually increase the price of our dishes over a period of time, to ease the impact on our customers.  There’s however GOOD NEWS…we will be sharing with you soon an exciting new loyalty program.  Stay tuned for more info soon!

Kungfu Bistro…crossing paths with Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese…all causing Kungfusion®!

For the best Egg Rolls, delicious Thai Food, Sushi or Chinese Fusion, call us at 613-831-6808 to order or Order Online (see takeout drop-down above). 



Kung Fu Bistro/Kungfu Bistro: ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.  Prices do not include HST.

(We're at the Sobeys complex,  corner to Tim Horton's and The Beer Store).